1. EggswithLegs

    Hello my boss paid for me to become a patron, how do I login

    [Removed mail adress from comment for privacy – Chris]

    • Hey! With your Patreon mail and password you should be able to log into our website (using the “via Patreon” option) and get access to our Premium videos. You can also find those videos on your Patreon Feed on patreon.com

  2. The_Milk_Man

    Hey Chris! I have a question; what would be the best way to vary the y rotation of each flower, so the spirals aren’t all oriented the same way? I tried an attribute wrangle above the copy to points, but the sweep doesn’t seem to listen to the rotations (its VERY possible I did this incorrectly). Any ideas?

  3. Thanks so much, this was a great course and really well taught, appreciate your efforts!

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