Houdini In Five Minutes 10: Procedural Animations Using The SOP Solver

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Part of: Houdini in Five Minutes
Houdini In Five Minutes

The very first (and still imho the most fun) way to dive into simulation territory is Houdini’s SOP solver: It allows you to execute a node tree on a previous frame’s data. This gives you the ability to create evolving shapes, hand built particle systems and even full dynamics systems (if you want to fully build them yourself).

In this tutorial we’ll go over a basic setup using the SOP solver to build a growing organic… um… thingy.

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  1. wooww! That’s amazing!
    I didn’t properly understand the concept of ‘previous frame’ in the solver sop.
    What’s roll it is playing here?

  2. Chinatip.T

    I do have a question. Why is it always scatter at the end? It should be scatter randomly entire object.

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