1. For anyone having trouble with recreating this:

    The rigattribwrangle and rigstash method is good, but I was having trouble in that whenever I converted units, the rigattribwrangle was producing a very odd-looking skeleton. It was working correctly, but the problem was in how the localtransform is computed.

    The localtransform of a child joint is affected by the parent, and how it is affected is determined by the “scaleinheritance” attribute. This was 1 by default, which, according to the docs, means the child isn’t affected by the parents’ scale. I guess the convert units was causing a scale issue that wasn’t propagating down the rig. I set this to zero instead (i@scaleinheritance = 0) and it worked fine. Zero was just the first value I used and it worked.

  2. Hey! Chris chiming in here: This episode uses FBX Files, which sometimes can cause issues with KineFX. We’ve adressed these issues and all our known solutions in Episode 31 of this course. If something in your setup isn’t behaving as shown in the video and the error persists if you load the scenefile, give Ep31 a watch!

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