1. Hi Chris! Thanks for this amazing tutorial. But I’m a bit confused about the rig attribute wrangle you wrote: the rotate function, when I comment it out, seems to have very minimal impact on the growth process; and after I comment out the scale function the growth just stopped, which I did not expect to happen. Can you help me with that? I think KineFX is probably the hardest chapter for me for all these times and matrices TAT

    • Hey Eric, the rotation is a very subtle effect with the values I’m using here. If you increase the angle inside the radians function and the number of frames subtracted from @timing, you get a much mor pronounced curling effect. The scaling is the main reason to use kinefx in a growth solver like this: Instead of popping each new point into existance, we can now slowly scale each point (and all it’s child points) over multiple frames and thus create a smoother animation.

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