1. Hi there! At around 10:50 my motion clip sequence has an error: “VEX error, 16/58 of the joints in the second clip are not present in the rest frame of the first clip and have been deleted”. When I plug that into the motion clip evaluate and bone deform, the rig goes from the T-Pose to just the hips. The same thing happens with the project file. I checked the individual clips (tpose and walking in place) and they both work on their own. Is there a way around this? Thank you!

    • Hey Matthew, this is most likely an issue with the Mixamo FBX you downloaded. Mixamo characters seem to have a ton of issues with either a mismatch in attributes or number of bones in the animated and static rig, which KineFX does not like. I added a download link below to an updated version of the same scenefiles with common fixes for those mixamo problems and a version that uses one of Houdinis default animated characters. You can also take a look at the comment sections on Patreon of episodes 9, 11, 15 and 29 (basically every episode with a Mixamo character) to find other approaches as well.


  2. Thanks for the help file upload.

    I mentioned another possible fix on vid 9 and it worked for me again here: a wrangle with i@scaleinheritance = 0 for anything coming out of the animated output of the Mixamo character.

    It fixed the transforms when getting odd discrepancies in size on motion clips.

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