1. Hey! Chris chiming in here: This episode uses FBX Files, which sometimes can cause issues with KineFX. We’ve adressed these issues and all our known solutions in Episode 31 of this course. If something in your setup isn’t behaving as shown in the video and the error persists if you load the scenefile, give Ep31 a watch!

  2. Hey! So when using a the next to motionclipsequence nodes, the animation stops at a specific frame which is the last position of first motionclisequence, any ideas of why this is happening? Cant seem to make it work.


    • Hey! FBX animations can sometimes be a bit iffy with KineFX. In your case my first bet would be checking the clipinfo detail attrib on your FBX import. Especially if the animation range specified in that attrib seams logical or not.

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