1. Mark Linthicum

    Hi Moritz,

    We saw your cloud tutorial and are wondering if you are available to create some custom clouds for use in out C4D/Octane project?

    Thank you,

  2. Hey Mo, saw you mentioned the Ricoh theta camera for Hdri’s. Which model did you find is fine for this sort of thing, bit of a jump between the V and the Z1 in cost it seems.


    • Hey Kieran,

      I just got the cheapest Theta SC. Although the resolution is pretty mediocre, for lighting purpose it’s enough. However as soon as you want decent reflection maps I’d recommend higher res cameras. Also for shooting outdoors, a DIY ND-Filter comes in handy as the shortest shutter it can do is 1/4000s.

      Cheers, Mo

      • Ah cool, that’s great, thanks. Enjoying the rendering course, feel like I’m back in science class, thanks for going so in-depth, super interesting!

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