1. thank you, great simple setup! when i follow the tutorial in houdini 18 my sim just explodes but your file works fine, any ideas?

    • Hi Max,

      did you go through the working file node by node and compare it to your file? Usually that sheds some light onto what’s causing the issues.

      Cheers, Mo

      • yeah and i could not see anything different except your numbers were e.g. “compression stiffness = 1000” and houdini 18 numbers are like “compression stiffness =1×1000”

  2. Hi guys, I was wondering how did oyou render the bag with a material different from the particles. I mean, I have a vellum solver and after that if I put a material it will be applied on everything. Any tip?

    • Hi Nacho, in this particular case you can use the @isgrain attribute to distinguish between grain particles and the points that make up the bags surface. Just append a blast SOP to the Vellum Solver and set the group to @isgrain==1. Don’t forget to set the group type to points. This will leave you with the grains only. If you duplicate the blast and tick off “delete non selected” you get the bag. After that it’s easy to apply material nodes. cheers mnu

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