Advanced Setups

Some examples of what this course is going into: Using Potpourri3D (pt. 03), Solving Poisson’s equation (pt. 13) and using half edges to generate weaving patterns (pt. 05). Among many other things of course.

About this Course

In this course we’re gonna dive into more elaborate Houdini setups, using VEX, a bit of math here and there and bits of Python. We’ll be talking about using third party libraries to solve more involved problems from math, physics and biology while also writing a good bit of VEX and OpenCL code ourselves.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Knowledge of Houdini (UI, SOPs mainly)
  • At least basic knowledge of VEX (highly recommended)
  • Beginner’s knowledge of Python (recommended, but not essential)
  • Willingness to solve logical riddles

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