AHTYA 2 – Adding Houdini To Your Arsenal 2.0

One of the setups you’ll be creating under Chris Kopic’s guidance. Don’t fret.

About This Course

This course is meant for 3d artists proficient with a different piece of software (Cinema 4d, Blender, Maya, etc.) who want to add Houdini to their skillset or transition to Houdini as their main DCC. Through this series you will learn everything you need to know to jump into any of our other Premium Courses, most of our free content on Youtube and most other Houdini content in general online.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Basic understanding of 3D space
  • Experience in other 3D DCC (Recommended, but not essential)
  • Willingness to work with nodes
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AHTYA 2.0 – pt. 00: Course Overview

We’re renewing our beginner course for Houdini. We’re creating “Adding Houdini To Your Arsenal 2.0”. The first version was one of the earliest courses on our Patreon and is now already four years old. Houdini has changed and so should this video series. So, get […]