Create and Simulate a Procedural Rope

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Today we’ll create a procedural rope and simulate it using the grain solver. There are always many different ways to achieve stuff in Houdini. In this tutorial I chose the VEX route to generate the rope. This gives a nice self-contained node that can easily be turned into a digital asset. The procedural rope is then deformed to a simulated wire using wire deform.

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  1. thanks Manuel,
    there are really many ways to make ropes, this with a point 0 in the middle makes it very enjoying…a great work!
    it’s very genial on primitive VEX ch’s and more details, and cool solver too.
    and the union tools in the end I did not know them SOP’s.

  2. Donnie Ferguson

    Great tutorial! Thank you for this. I’m still new to Houdini. How would you go about adding twist tracking to the sim? Would you be better off simming a low-poly cylinder to drive the simulation rather than a line?

  3. Maybe you can put the polywire node after the wiredeform node, so you don’t have to deform all the polygon geo?
    Depending wich one is faster, deforming all the poly’s vs doing the polywire each frame it might save some calculations.

    • Hi Wim,

      you’re right. It really depends. One would have to test both scenarios to decide. cheers mnu

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