Dual Mesh

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Deskriptiv (https://www.deskriptiv.de) inspired me very much over the years, with their unique mixture of intricate setups and beautiful design. In this tutorial I want to show you how to rebuild one of their creations “Double Mesh” inside Houdini. “Dual Mesh”, the Houdini variant, is an interwoven sculpture made of a Delaunay mesh and its dual, the Voronoi graph. Using mostly standard SOPs this video is a lesson on creating real world setups in Houdini, quickly. Additional tweaks like variation on the thickness and bulging through the use of noise, etc. can be found in the demo file that you can download below.

Download Example Scene

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  1. Brilliant – thank you very much!
    With your tutorials, learning Houdini is really fun 🙂
    Exactly the right mixture of challenge, new stuff and in-context groking of how stuff works together.



  2. Ross Lahive

    Wow great tutorial very powerful techniques here!

  3. deskriptiv is a beast, I started using Houdini after seeing his work, you don’t know how much happiness I get this monday when I saw this tut, thanks a lot entagma, and PLEASE keep them coming! you guys are the best.


  4. Great stuff! I really want to learn this, but I’m a bit confused, which version of houdini are you using? Whats the cheapest option? Thanks 🙂

    • Just go to sidefx.com and download the free apprentice version. It even allows you to export .obj files. Once you are a little more at home you can get the cheap indie version. If I remember correctly it’s below $200.

  5. Hi Manuel, instead of creating another variable with nearpoint function does it work too to use an attribute transfer with a short distance threshold to take the displaydir from the left geometry (after the edge divide) to the right one (after the edge divide too) and multiply it by -1?

    Thank you for you tutorials, it’s always awesome to learn from your videos!

  6. Eyad Arabi

    Hi, is the file provided in the link a Houdini scene file? I cannot find it

  7. Hello! Thank you very much for such a great tutorial! Today i was trying follow it, and met one problem: when i try to displace middle points, using “Attribute VOP”, after dividing, have no idea why, but not 100% of points displacing. You can see how it looks by links below. It looks like if Primitive Wrangle would give me not only -1 and 1, but also 0 sometime. But in my spreadsheet you can see it’s only -1 and 1 there.



    Project file:

    • peachthief

      I was having problems with the group combine node in Houdini 16, I had to use a group transfer to kind of work it out. Check that everything is in the right group (‘midpoint’) first maybe?

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