FMX Special: A Point Based Growth Solver

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At FMX 2017 Entagma had the pleasure to talk as part of “Houdini Day”. Among other things we explained how to create a propagation growth solver. Here we’ll show how to build this setup. We introduce the concept behind propagation growth and implement the solver in VEX. It is point based although one might want to implement it directly in volumes. The point approach is simpler to tackle, though.

This growth solver serves as a basic building block for many growth effects. Usually it is used on surfaces but here we’re growing a volumetric model. The setup is easily extended and enhanced with more weight factors and can be tailored to many needs.

Here you can download the scene file including the crystal sculpt:
Download Project Files

Here is the original file from the presentation, including more intricate weighting:
Download Project Files

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