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Today for something a little different. I know, Houdini is mainly about complex simulations, VEX and VOPS, but when I started out with the software, it was mainly the little things, like navigating and selecting, that I needed to learn, to feel at home. That’s why I compiled this quick tip for you.

Chances are that you know most of the things in this video. But if not, these small workflow tips will come in handy. Especially the usage of “Reselect For Current Tool” is a little tricky and explained here for future reference.

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  1. Thanks for this.
    FYI: A handy shortcut for fixing the viewport clipping that you were experiencing is to auto-home (space-a) your view. That resets the clipping planes to better match your work area. Seems to fix it and also recalibrates the zooming sensitivity to the scale of the model.

    • Thank you for the tip. Was looking for exactly this and did not figure it out yet!

  2. this is why i love sidefx and houdini, you can tell it’s made by humans. i didn’t now about the space z and the edge selection thingy function, they always come up with some obscure way of making life easier for you, and then don’t tell.
    nice little demo, thanks, keep them coming.

  3. Jakub Rupa

    Is that modeled in Houdini? I’m curious how to do something like that 🙂

    • No it’s modeled in C4D. But it’s perfectly possible to model this in Houdini. I prefer destructive modeling though, for static objects. That’s why I usually do it in C4D or Blender.

  4. Jonathan

    Thank you very much! I never was 100% sure about the “reselect for current tool” function.

  5. Thanks so much! Started learning Houdini last week throughout my downtime in the studio. This tutorial explained perfectly what I was missing so far. Great website, great turotials. Thanks guys 🙂

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