Adding Houdini To Your Arsenal

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Part of: AHTYA – Adding Houdini To Your Arsenal
AHTYA, Premium Course

Dear Patrons, “Adding Houdini To Your Arsenal” is our next premium course. It addresses 3D artists that are proficient with another 3D tool and want to learn to use Houdini in companion to their main tool or exclusively. The course requires good general 3D knowledge, but no prior Houdini knowledge. It’s designed to help you learn the most important parts of Houdini as fast as possible, to be able to use the software in your next production. The course starts next week and will run in parallel to Moritz’ VEX course. The course includes, but is not limited to, the following topics. The node graph and different views on your data Houdini contexts The scene level SOPs The attribute system Introduction to VEX and VOPs Working with Splines Working with Polygons and UVs Procedural modeling – a procedural cloner setup Working with Volumes (the title graphic setup) Introduction to DOPs Particle systems in Houdini The Bullet solver Cloth with PBD Rendering with Redshift3D I’d love to see you next week. cheers Manuel

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