Announcement: Bi-Weekly Schedule

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We’re overwhelmed by this season and the feedback we receive from you – thanks a lot for your support and the frequent input you share! As you might be aware we’re running Entagma in our spare time, which sometimes makes it difficult to stick to our ambitious weekly release schedule.

Most of the Entagma preparations (and developing a tutorial plainly means lots of work) happen late at night and while we prepare content in advance, we think that a weekly schedule constrains us too much to short quick-tip style videos. While that is perfectly OK we’d like to offer more diverse content on Entagma in the future. This could for example mean project-based tutorials or written documentation of setups that we often use. So in order to develop this direction further we’re gonna switch to a bi-weekly release schedule.

We’re very excited to develop Entagma further while providing you with high quality resources! We’ll continue to pour in all the energy and love in this project and are very happy to have you guys joining us on this trip.


Timing-wise this means we are gonna release another video next monday, then switch to our bi-weekly schedule.

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  1. Eure Entscheidung ist absolut nachvollziehbar – und bevor euch dieses großartige Projekt “über den Kopf wächst” und ihr möglicherweise die Lust daran verliert, ist eine Veröffentlichung alle zwei Wochen ein super Kompromiss. Bleibt dran!

    Ich freue mich auf Montag (ähhm, hätte nie gedacht, sowas mal zu sagen…)

  2. As someone who has made tutorial series of great length in the past, I totally get the overload of creating that scale of content. Especially for a weekly release schedule. It’s atedious process.

    Can’t wait to see the new stuff. You guys are incredibly great at teaching and I appreciate every bit of it as I continue to learn Houdini.

    Thank you both for the hard work and the sharing of your knowledge.

  3. Of course in depth, longer stuff is so very welcomed but the short quick tips are awesome as well guys. Really, they are quick little digestible bites that I try to fit in here and there and you make them so very easily understandable. Whatever direction you guys go, just keep doing it, it’s so great and so needed. Thank you so much from an intermediate c4d artist who’s struggling to learn Houdini.

  4. >onirony off\<

    REALLY !! (just my $0.02)

    Your tutorials have to be:
    a) Fun to make
    b) show/teach the rest of us how something is done by you
    c) maybe inspiring to start from (e.g. Custom Particle System led me to a "Turing Particle" kind of idea)
    d) Fun to make (VERY important)

    Thanx so far, and keep the ideas coming

  5. ]on[
    Absolutely not !!

    You absolutely have to provide us with at least 2 or 3 tutorials a day.
    And you have to be more detailed for the people like me.
    ]irony off\[

    REALLY !! (just my $0.02)

    Your tutorials have to be:
    a) Fun to make
    b) show/teach the rest of us how something is done by you
    c) maybe inspiring to start from (e.g. Custom Particle System led me to a “Turing Particle” kind of idea)
    d) Fun to make (VERY important)

    Thanx so far, and keep the ideas coming

  6. Thank you guys for all that you do! I’ll be sad to see the weekly vids go, but I’ll take the opportunity to experiment even more and I look forward to more in-depth tutorials in the future!

  7. vinson Liang

    thank you guys so much about making those awesome tutorial!! I learned a lot from your T. Thank you soooo much again

  8. every two week, three, four.. i don’t care! you are awesome for doing all this for free!! thank you very, very much!!

  9. A very nice and elegant web… too much for the not-so-professional guys like me but it is certainly interesting and a pleasure to have it around and check it regularly

  10. I just want to say thank you to for this fantastic website and series of tutorials.
    The content delivered is outstanding, I look forward to see this community grow.

  11. Honey Khadem

    I am a big fan of your tutorials. They make absolute sense specially because you draw in between to teach the reasons and concept of doing things in Houdini. Great stuff. keep up the good work please.

  12. Sourabh Singh

    I am a big fan of your teaching style, everything you explain are to the point and are very easily to understand!! You guys have already given valuable resources to the community!! Thank you so much!! Keep up the good work!!

  13. It’s great that you guys are design focused. It’s hard to find mograph tutorials for Houdini. Thanks a lot guys.

  14. Aleksandr

    Bi-weekly is totally find. We understand the amount of work you are doing for us and you have our (definitely mine) support. The project based idea is exciting idea as well as having great documentation on the setups. Keep up the amazing work! You are great.

  15. I love the work you guys produce and am so thankful that you provide a window into your process.

    I’m learning Houdini to produce works of generative art in my spare time and I love discovering all of its secrets!

  16. Christopher L Tedin

    Thanks for all the great work. It’s quite a lot to absorb every week, so every two weeks actually gives us some time to digest the advanced VEX stuff you have been showing us. I think it’s totally fine, and keep the educational material coming!

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