Announcement: Bi-Weekly Schedule

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We’re overwhelmed by this season and the feedback we receive from you – thanks a lot for your support and the frequent input you share! As you might be aware we’re running Entagma in our spare time, which sometimes makes it difficult to stick to our ambitious weekly release schedule.

Most of the Entagma preparations (and developing a tutorial plainly means lots of work) happen late at night and while we prepare content in advance, we think that a weekly schedule constrains us too much to short quick-tip style videos. While that is perfectly OK we’d like to offer more diverse content on Entagma in the future. This could for example mean project-based tutorials or written documentation of setups that we often use. So in order to develop this direction further we’re gonna switch to a bi-weekly release schedule.

We’re very excited to develop Entagma further while providing you with high quality resources! We’ll continue to pour in all the energy and love in this project and are very happy to have you guys joining us on this trip.


Timing-wise this means we are gonna release another video next monday, then switch to our bi-weekly schedule.

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