Creating Geometry With Python In C4D

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HI people from the internet. After posting my geometry creation tutorial for Houdini, people approached me with the question, if such a plexus effect is possible in Cinema 4D, too. And I said no, not without plugins. But after thinking about it for a little while, I found a solution to do this with Cinema4D off-the-shelf tools. I’m using the ParticlePassAB node to find the closest points and Python to create the geometry. So if you’re interested in having a closer look on an old but powerful TP feature, this tutorial is for you.

You don’t have to rely on this technique though, if you’re just after the results. There are plugins, even free ones, out there doing just this effect. One of them is the UberTracer by Gene Magtoto, that you can download here:

Download Example Scene

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