Houdini: Poly Rembrandt pt. III

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After we built our basic setup we dive into the rendering side of Houdini. We’re gonna set up basic lighting and create and adjust shaders to create a rendering of our abstracted Painting. This should give you a short overview of how to quickly setup a rendering inside of Houdini to show you mad skillz to the world.

Download the project file here.

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  1. For some reason the colours weren’t rendering to my polywire, when I looked at them in the viewport then they’ve picked up the colours from attribtransfer but when I render them they come out white. So I inserted a normal node which to fix it.

  2. Simon Telezhkin

    It’s hard to follow on 16 version of Houdini, shaders have been changed a bit.

    • Try using the classic shader in the new MAT context – it’s basically the standard mantra surface. Pretty similar to the SHOP-stuff. Just dial diffuse color to white and check “Use point color”.


      • Paul Christian Catoera

        What is the use of Shop if materials show at the Mat context now? Thanks!

        • Hi Paul,
          SHOP is now there for compatibility and some (weird) features that haven’t been ported over to the MAT context. In a nutshell: use MAT now whenever possible 🙂

          Cheers, Mo

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