1. Thank you! Also, awhile back I hijacked the Entagma Movie Color Visualization tutorial to do something similar. Worked well 🙂

  2. I once used 3dslicer to get scan data into houdini but I meshed it before import. this is way cooler

  3. Hi Manuel! I’m working with neuroscientists at the institution this data is from (Mass Gen & Northeastern University) and it took their breath away to see your work! Wonderous! Was wondering if there’s any guidance on how you did your render? As a beginner, I would also appreciate any tips on cleaning up the stray particles. Much love.

  4. Hi there, Nice to hear that you like the render. I used Redshift volume rendering to create the images. Thanx Manuel

  5. Is there a way to create multiple
    MRI image sequences containing different datasets (eg. Veins/muscles/bone) from an MRI dataset and then merge them into your setup with different color values to visualize?

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