1. Random42RnD

    Hey guys. I am struggling to setup wedging with redshift and deadline. The wedge attribs don’t work with the submit deadline node. Any tut on that kind of setup would be very much welcomed :). Thank you

  2. Hi,
    thank you for this serie!
    02:00 to 02:40 I understand if there is an error or if we close houdini, it will cook from where we stopped.
    At any time, is it possible to cook a specific node in our array? or even to start from a specific node or to cook a specified node range in our array?

    • In essence, yes. Back when I first built this setup, I had a bug with Redshift, where RS would get hung up on some random frame and then simply stop rendering the entire sequence, which of course was extremely annoying when rendering over night. By building this setup and handing each frame to Redshift on its own via the ROP Fetch node, a bad frame would then simply be ignored and the next one started. So after a night of rendering I would usually come back to a sequence with one or two bad frames and red workitems, but everything else rendered fine. To fix the bad frames I could simply recook the node. The ROP Fetch node automatically ignores frames that are already on disk, so it would just rerender the failed frames.

      I don’t quite understand what you mean by cooking a specific node, starting from a specific node or cooking a specific node range. You can of course select any tops node in your node tree and hit cook on it, but it will also have to cook each node wired in above itself (just like setting the display flag in a node tree in SOPs). If you want to cook say a specific range of ROP Fetch nodes, I’d simply wire them into a merge node and hit cook on there. If you want to cook a specific range of workitems, you can use a filter top to filter out all workitems you need amd hit cook on there.

  3. Could cooking the node launch mplay? the same way it is happening when using ‘render to disk’ directly from the ROP.
    Thank you!

    • Hey Paul, I don’t think this is possible. TOPs in general is very much a “fire and forget” tool inside Houdini. For checking my rendered frames I’d simply use an image sequence viewer like DJV.

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