Quickie: Exporting Geo From Houdini

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It just occured to me that in the following tutorials I’ve omitted one thing which is kinda important: How to get your creations out of Houdini and into another program. The easiest way that works in any version of Houdini is the right-click/save geo technique. In Houdini Apprentice you won’t be able to export geo sequences though – just single meshes. The technique goes something like this:

Right click on the node whose geo you’d like to export and select /save/geometry

Click on that funky icon to select where to savce your geo

Type in the name you like. Add a file suffix. Houdini will automatically export to the given format depending on that suffix. For alembic use .abc, for an OBJ use .obj

Click on “Accept” to export your geo. You can now import that file into any other software you like.

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