Rendering Houdini Effects in Eevee

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Since the release of Blender 2.8 people are looking into Eevee, their rasterisation real time render engine. Eevee is free and gives good and quick results, so why not bringing over effects from Houdini to render there. In this tutorial I’ll walk you through the steps necessary to render your first Eevee animation.

The skull model is a photogrammetry based scan of a human skull form my Aixterior project, that will provide an online library of 3D scans in the future. If you want to stay up to date about Aixterior follow @aixterior on instagram.

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  1. nice ! thank you.
    is there going to be more stuff about evee and Houdini ? i wanted to learn blender for a while but i already burned my brain learning houdini so it felt like difficult to start from the start earning houdini. but i just want the power of the realtime render. i hope you keep doing these tutorials.

  2. very nice stuff here! I use blender and houdini too! We love you tutorial so much! Keep going and good luck

  3. Kudos for this new series! Hope you will focus on the reverse workflow as well, taking Blender geometry and animation and bringing in to Houdini. Are Blender materials kept on export import when using glTF? Lots to explore!

  4. Houdini + Blender = Ultimate one-two punch for any small studio. Awesome tutorial, as always. I picked up quite a few tricks, thanks Manuel!

  5. Ah excellent, this is my current workflow whenever possible. Just waiting on Eevee to get some motion blur and I’ll be laughing. Though you can render out the motion vectors with cycles in a pinch. Or sometimes I’ll use reelsmart to just chuck some blur on top, but it’s not the best without the vectors.

    Also is it alright if I use the skull in a quick project? Non-commercial, just a quick sim and material test I wanna do between Houdini and Eevee. I’ll tag @aixterior on the vid when I put it on me instagram. Not a problem if it’s not alright I’ll track another down sure.

  6. Guys please tell me how to render with motion blur in Vray ?
    I’ve tried trails node and it’s not working.

  7. Cihan Kenar

    Great video, any chance to do a similar one for rendering Volumes?

  8. Love this….please more Blender for Houdini users tutorials!!!

  9. Houdini needs it’s own version of a semi real-time renderer like Eevee so badly. I really hope it’s something the SideFX guys have in the pipeline. This is coming from a long time Blender user slowly getting into Houdini. For motion graphics work it would be super powerful!

  10. Seriously well done 🙂
    I also would love to see more integration with Blender videos, as I am new to Houdini coming from the Blender side.

    One note on using the gama nodes, you should probably turn on proper opencolorio profiles, the one in Blender has some issues. I don’t knowif you have seen this but if not it’s worth looking at if you haven’t. Do a search on youtube for `The Secret Ingredient to Photorealism.` It covers color gamut and correction in Blender.

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