Summer’s Finally Here! (We’re Back)

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Mo caught a cold, Manu is freezing, we’re both so pale our cameras have trouble finding a proper exposure – that’s right, it’s finally summer in Germany!

Yes, it definitely took us longer than anticipated to get back and restart the free stream! We’ll be covering what went on behind the scenes in a future nerd rant.

But for now we’re just glad we’re back and the free stream is going to start again soon. Next monday to be precise ๐Ÿ™‚ See you then!

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  1. Emil Galotti

    Very cool, to find you guys alive and well after such a long time (especially so well tanned)!

    So, Iยดm looking forward to discover new tutorials and very challenging and mind boggling Houdini- Stuff on your site!

    Keep up the good stuff!

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