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We made it. Up and running. Was about time. Entagma is our collection of stuff (a.k.a. resources) that we’d love to have known when we started diving into certain advanced areas of 3D computer graphics.

Topics like 3D scanning, simulation, retopo and of course Houdini. What we’re gonna build here is a collection of short tips, longer tutorials, helpful notes as well as files that we created while trying to solve certain issues inside of our 3D tools.

What we’d love to do is to make high level techniques available to the more design focused 3D artists. Motion graphics and VFX are converging and so is the underlying technology. Sadly learning resources haven’t really adapted to that trend yet. This is a small start in trying to bring the focus of a designer towards all the beautiful possibilities that tech can open up in a creative environment.

Be aware that we by no means consider ourselves finished on our learning path. This will be more of a documentation of things that occur to us and that we had to deal with. If you have any suggestions on improving our own work and our own setups – please don’t hesitate to comment or drop a line! Also if there are any toppics that you’d like to have covered – please let us know. Lastly if you create artwork using these techniques we’d be very happy to see it – we’re always intrigued what you come up with!

Let’ get this thing started!

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