Advanced Setups 02 – Installing 3rd Party Libraries For Houdini’s Python

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Part of: Advanced Setups
Advanced Setups

It’s finally come so far – we’re accepting that we can’t (or rather don’t want to) write every complex algorithm out there ourselves in VEX. Enter Python. Not necessarily because Mo loves Python so much, but because there is a wealth of highly interesting libraries out there which enable us to do elaborate Geometry processing easier than purely relying on VEX.

However in order to use these libraries, we’ll have to get them installed first. Which is mostly straightforward. Mostly…


Python’s downloads page

ScPy’s installation instructions

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  1. I could not get this to work on mac and reached out to Side FX support and they said Houdini ships with Python installed. I thought that wasn’t the same thing. Is that true now?

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