1. Mo:

    You can extract point coordinates more compactly and without the extra PointWrangle using the following:

    P = numpy.reshape(geometry.pointFloatAttribValues(“P”), (-1, 3))

    Performance is roughly the same as the video, since either way you are converting every point coordinate into a sequence of Python floats prior before converting them again into a numpy array.

    If you want greater efficiency at the expense of legibility, the following avoids the intermediate conversion into Python objects:

    P = numpy.frombuffer(geometry.pointFloatAttribValuesAsString(“P”), dtype=numpy.float32).reshape(-1, 3)

    On my machine, converting 10M points took 4.25s with the former approach, 0.24s with the latter.


    • Amazing! Thanks so much for the info. Especially that sped up version looks lovely!

      Cheers, Mo

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