1. I never saw the hedge() functions, pretty nice! Also I would like to ask: how can I build the shader used on the render at the start? Can someone enlighten me?

    • Sure thing! For the most part, just follow Mo’s Rope Typography tut. That’s pretty much what I did here. The only thing I did different is using a rope displacement texture instead of building the individual strands, like Mo did. And I squashed this texture in one direction to get this “shoelace” sort of look.

      • Worked like a charm so far! I’m getting some troubles with the path deform, some parts is getting kinda straight but pretty fixable, thanks a lot for the tips!!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial!

    Small tip: When writing for loops, anything in the condition is executed every step.
    So `len(pointvertices)` could be relatively expensive depending on how pointvertices works under the hood.
    A best practice would be to instantiate a variable `int len_verts` before the loop unless you expect the number to change.


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