Better Texture Tiling

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Even if you have a perfect tilable texture with seamless borders you often run into problems when tiling the same texture often to cover large areas. If your texture happens to be irregular you might want to give this tiling trick a try to make the repetition less apparent.

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  1. Christopher

    Hey, I am a little confused by the direction you guys are taking. All was well until Blender was introduced into the Entagma offering. I know the reasons for that, but nonetheless, it does appear to have diluted your Houdini output somewhat. I say this because just recently I committed to moving from C4D, to Houdini, and thought a good place to start would be by supporting you on Patreon – only to find that much of the recent content was Blender based. Of course, these are your decisions, but I do wonder where Entagma is heading and what that means for the Houdini community, which, like me, relied on the clarity of your Houdini offering. Any chance you can address this in one of your YT posts?

    Many thanks


    • Hi Chris,

      thanks for your feedback. We’re trying to constantly improve Entagma and thus were wondering what exactly you’re referring to by a “diluted Houdini output” – is it the frequency/amount of Houdini tutorials, the topics of our Houdini tutorials or something completely different? Also if you feel more comfortable discussing via mail, just drop us a line:

      Thanks again for your feedback – we’re intrigued to gain more insight.
      Thanks & Cheers, Mo

      And of course – thanks so much for supporting us! 🙂

  2. Christopher

    Ps, sorry for the random posting location – I assumed it would be moderated and was therefore location independent 🙂 , no need obviously to make this public.

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