Creating Procedural Welding Seams In Houdini

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Been watching This Old Tony, Wintergatan and Stuff Made Here a lot in quarantine. And while the idea of having your own home shop and being able to weld is quite romantic, our reality is that neither do we posses the space nor the skills required. But (rejoice!) we have computers and nodes.

In this tutorial Chris Kopic takes you through the steps necessary to procedurally generate welding seams – those little beads of molten metal where two pieces join.

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  1. i thought this might be useful if you ever wanted to resize your pattern using the distance between each points for the seam curve :

    for(int i = 0; i < npoints(0)-1; i++){

    vector pos1 = point(0, "P", i);
    vector pos2 = point(0, "P", i+1);

    float dist = distance(pos1, pos2);

    f@pscale = dist*chf("pscale");


    thank you for the tutorial guys !!

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