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Do you want to change a classic Delaunay triangle-mesh to a cell like Voronoi topology, with little effort?  Then the Cinema4D python plugin “DualGraph” is for you. It computes the dual graph of the Delaunay tesselation. That means it finds the midpoints of the original triangles and connects these to form new ngons. Resulting in a beautiful mesh.

DualMesh Demo

Here you can see the plugin in action. Input is left – output is right. Make sure to use triangles as an input. Quadrangles work, but the resulting mesh looks pretty much like the original due to the nature of the algorithm. Ngons as an input are currently not supported. The plugin runs on Mac and PC as it is written in Python.



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  1. Hi Manuel & Moritz,

    This thing you are doing here is absolutely amazing πŸ™‚
    I’ve been struggling&learning Houdini myself for the last year, and this is just a wonderful resource.

    Anyway congrats on this awesome project, i already went over everything and i can’t wait to see more.


  2. Thank you very mach for your great work, but i don’t see any options for plugin, just one type of cells :(( On your images much more, why ?!! But thanks one more time πŸ˜‰

    • The plugin generates the cells based on the input polygons. So the structure of the triangles determines the size of the cells and their shape. In my images I used manual and semi-automatic selections techniques in C4D to merge cells and extrude them.

      • hi…i love the renderings…what do you mean by “semi automatic selections” … you lost me there πŸ™‚

      • That is exactly what I want to know, how do you make these semi-automatic selections?
        I think everybody here wants to know for they (me included) want to make these cool organic growth stuff! πŸ™‚

        • Ccraig Danvers

          Referring to the render of the blue and pink discs.

          Semi automatic means you’ll have to do some cuts yourself, I done it by starting with a capsule, delete the bottom half of it, make it editable, make some cuts with the knife tool, and drop a Polygon reduction under the geometry, this will triangulate your mesh (the cuts will break it up and make it more random). You need your mesh to be triangulated to get the veronoi look.

          Try making a mesh that looks like the blue disc and drop it in the plugin and you’ll see how it works. Hope this gets you on the right track

  3. Don Ross

    Thanks so much for these marvelous tutorials and exciting new techniques!

  4. Hi, and thank you-I downloaded the plugin, but in my object manager, all I see is the icon, and in the attributes window, nothing , no field for input or output,please tell me what I am doing wrong? is it possible to provide a sample file?, thank you, CZ

    • This is due to the fact that the plugin works in the c4d native way. Please put the input object into the plugin object as a child. And make sure you’re running R17.

    • Hi Toheeb, actually it’s pretty straightforward – just drag a triangulated mesh underneath the plugin in the object manager and you’re done.


  5. hey guys, fantastic plugin and website! Any ideas if this plugin would work on Team render or other servers?

    • I did not test it. But I assume it will. If you test it, please tell me about your findings.

  6. Ahmed Khaled

    How do you install it, I cant find it in the plugins tab after I put it in the C4D plugins folder. I’m on r17

  7. fernando r. miranda

    the animation of dual graph works in C4D R18? because I canΒ΄t see the animation of a object with dual graph plugin + atractor

  8. Tran Duy Bach

    Your test render looks stunning. Thank you very much

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  10. Ardavan Hp

    Thank you for the plug in!

    Why when i place the object within the plug in, the object goes invisible ?

  11. Ardavan Hp

    Thank you for the plug in!
    Why when i place the object within the plug in, the object goes invisible ?

  12. Ardavan Hp

    Why when i place the object within the plug in, the object goes invisible ?

    • That might be the case if the plug is not compatible with your version of C4D. Check the console if it throws any errors.

  13. Please, please make, or point me out to, a tutorial on how to make these shapes that you are showing as a preview of DualGraph. I’ve been trying to do it with displacement for ages but I’m still new to C4D. Any help would be appreciated.

  14. Lee Masters

    What a beautiful tool. Thank you so very much for providing this to us all. I follow and love your C4D work and hope to learn much more from your shared technique magic! Danke!!!

  15. You guys rock! this is absolutely amazing, everything about this initiative, I’m a fan!

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  17. Hi!, and thanks!

    how you do that? Voronoise0102_01-1194×1194.jpg

  18. nice plug!

    when i drop an object in de dual graph it shows the results at 0,0,0 . Why is that ?

  19. Is this plugin still available, as the download link is broken..

  20. This is awesome, it solves the problem that has been bothering me!

  21. Unfortunately the plugin is not maintained anymore. But thereβ€˜s a tutorial I did on how to easily create the effect in Houdini. If I remember correctly Holger Biebrach came up with a way of how to achieve the effect with off the shelf tools. Cheers mnu

  22. Hi! Really sorry, it is coming up saying ‘unknown file format’.

    Not sure how to solve this?
    Many thanks! :))

  23. Hello, Thank you for this amazing plugin. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t work in C4D R23, When will you update it for the R23 version?

  24. I did recently discover this plugin but I am using Cinema 4d r23 and it is not working, any chance to get an update? : (

  25. Sorry, will pile on with the group. I updated to R23, and the plugin no longer works. I would love to get it working again! it’s a fun tool for my art. Maybe this will force me to figure out how you did it and build my own hda…

  26. Heyhey,

    as of now we don’t have any plans of updating this plugin. However one workaround would be using the bevel deformer set to Chamfer/Proportional/50%.

    Cheers, Mo

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