Dynamic Outlines with Blender Geometry Nodes and Eevee

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Now that Blender features procedural workflows with its lates feature addition Geometry Nodes its time for us to have a look at the other side of the fence. This tutorial mini-series looks into GN from a Houdini users perspective and explores what’s already there and what is still missing form Blenders procedural modifier network. Join Manuel in recreating this colorful little project to learn about how to do procedural things in Blender.

Download Project Files Part 1

Download Project Files Part 2

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  1. Matt White

    Looking forward to checking this out – thanks for showing a little love to the Blender community and sharing your Houdini perspective.

  2. Hidemi Takagi

    Any chance you can show how did you get from the basic setup of part 2 — and get the animated result we see in the thumbnail with the colors?

  3. Note you can switch between global and local coordinates on the Object Info node, and do away with the Transform node.
    While I’m sure Manuel realized this since this tutorial was recorded, I thought I’d mention it for the sake of clarity.

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