Geometry Nodes Ep00 – Overview

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Geometry Nodes, Premium Course

Blender rencently added a brand new procedural system to its feature set: Geometry Nodes. While being quite powerful it’s not necessarily easily accessible, especially if you are new to procedural workflows. So we decided to cover this system in depth with a new patreon course. In this course Manuel starts from the very beginning and explains how Geometry Nodes ties into Blender, how it handles geometric data and how the different classes of nodes work. Join Manuel on this journey and learn with straightforward consecutive lessons how you can use the powerful new procedural features to enhance your workflow and manage complex setups easily.

To follow the lessons you’ll need at least Blender 3.1. You can download the software here: Download Blender

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  1. Hi, when will the full courses on the geometry nodes projects shown in the trailer be available?

  2. Hi Phi, new epsiodes will be added to the course all the time. At a minimum every two weeks. This way the course will grow quickly over time. At his moment I did not yet decide when it can be called complete. Chances are that I‘ll continue adding new stuff to it even after going over all the setups shown in the trailer.

  3. Hi, I was thinking that all the courses in the trailer can access them in these courses! 🙁

  4. Hello, I have a general question but I can’t find ANY e-mail to send my query so here it is.
    You did the blender geometry node tutorial on flowers growing. Awesome but it leaves out one major aspect. It does not do any randomized scaling. I want the flowers to finish or end up with random sizes at the end not identical size flowers. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to modify your tutorial to make this work. Can you help me with this? I’m am happy to pay for the highest patreon subscription or pay for your assistance separately, but I’m doing some VFX and need assistance. Thanks

    • Hi John, to be honest I don‘t remember exactly if I implemented scaling, and if so, how. I have to recheck the old tutorial… Thanx Manu

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