1. This is Great Stuff! I had seen other free Blender Geometry Nodes tutorials from you in the past (on a couple of different GN implementation iterations) and always found the concepts very clearly explained and not just trying to get you to accomplish the effect but understanding the inner workings of it as much as possible.
    When I saw this new Premium course I immediately subscribed. Very eager to keep learning with your classes.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Manuel – I was messing around with the setup and trying to export GLTF files with Vertex Colour for 3d printing. My approach was to use the geo-nodes Color Ramp node to add colours without having to export attribs to the material, then using a Store Named Attributes node, plug the colour in but store it as “byte color” on “face corners” as per the requirements of GLTF (I think). You can visualise the colour by switching the viewport renderer to attribute mode. Then you can just go to export>gltf2.0 and make sure you check apply modifiers and vertex colour. Hope this helps others.

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