Houdini In Five Minutes 20: That’s All Folks!

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Part of: Houdini in Five Minutes
Houdini In Five Minutes

That’s it for the first sprint of “Houdini in five minutes”. We’ll probably publish additional five minute tutorials in the future but for now it’s back to our default schedule: Bi-Weekly Free tut and premium courses on Patreon.

Free Resources (Apart from Entagma):

Matt Estela’s CGWiki:

Will Macneil:

Simon Fiedler:

Tim Van Helsdingen:

Johnny Farmfield:

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  1. I’m extremely thankful for these videos, learned a lot.
    Kinda diluted my fear of Houdini, but still, long way to go ; )
    You guys, both are great teachers which is rare.
    Thinking about becoming a patreon, that Vex course looks tasty.
    I have one question; How much math do i need to know to do some advanced stuff ?
    Is trigonometry and vector math enough ? Or do i need to take some calculus classes ?
    All the best !

    • Heya Oleg,

      thanks for the high praise! Trigonometry and vector math is more than enough to be able to follow advanced setups. Of course that always depends on the topics at hand but with trig an vectors you should have a very solid foundation. Should you suddenly become interested in discrete differential geometry, you can still take some classes on khan academy 🙂

      Cheers, Mo

      • I’ve had this innate fear of math, but now i have a reason to learn.
        Thanks for prompt replay and advice Moritz.
        God, i’m obsessed with Houdini : D
        Cheers !

  2. Great series of tutorials!!! I have been following you guys for a while now and I think I enjoyed this series most of all…..nice bite size chunks of Houdini…..Thanks very much…..looking forward to your next tutorial

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