Houdini Tutorial: Waddington Landscape

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We are very excited to host our dear friend Dr. Jeroen Claus with a very special tutorial.

He’s been working together with Tape Lab, UCL Cancer Research’s Cell Communication Laboratory, to visualise data from their study A Single-cell Perturbation Landscape of Colonic Stem Cell Polarisation, which is now available as preprint.

In this video, Jeroen shows how you can use single cell RNA sequencing data to create a data-driven version of the Waddington Landscape, a classical graphic from the 50s representing the possible developmental paths of a cell. This new way to visualise single cell RNA sequencing data helps to make dimensional reductions of huge amounts of data more intuitive to interpret and understand.

While the data might be complex, the Houdini setup is rather straightforward: this tutorial will give you an overview of how to get csv data into Houdini, and with only a few nodes build an effective data visualisation.

Download Project Files (.zip)

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