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Houdini 18 has been released!

While Manu is still busy wrapping his head around Solaris (tutorials covering his efforts are coming…), I had the absolute pleasure to comb through H18’s new features list and compile my list of neat new nodes I found.

I grouped the resulting (and very very short individual tutorials) into three groups: SOPs, RBDs and Pyro. Originally we intended to release them as three videos, but we later decided to chop them up so each small video would only cover one topic – that’s why the intros might come over a bit bumpy.

1. SOPs

2. RBDs

3. Pyro

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  1. You guys deserve a special credit for all your contributions, Sidefx should credit of their next node “entagma” 🙂

    Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
    Senior Env artist & Lighting & MattePainter & Creative Concepts


    Went through all of these 1 by one today. Thanks for providing these. It’s nice to get a handle on what’s new on launchDay + 1

  3. Awesome ! Thank you for the short tutorials!

    The new houdini 18 now only use gas node to Introduce force inside Pyrosolver.

    Where can i use a volume source node to get the custom velocity in Pyrosolver?

    Please help.

  4. Josh Hatton

    Nice series showing some of Houdini 18 highlights. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the insightful videos on the Houdini. I always enjoy them.

  6. Hey Mo,

    Haven’t updated to 18 yet. Have to finish a project first.

    I’m wondering if you have thoughts about what the limits of the new SOP solvers are? When would you switch back to DOPs? I know with Vellum, a clear limitation of the SOP solver was if you needed to use dynamic constraints. I’m guessing with RBD it’s the same thing. What about Pyro? Are there things you still need DOPs for?

  7. Thanks for keeping these short. Makes them much easier to digest a piece at a time.

  8. mikkel smedegaard

    Hello guys, i am getting a little frustrated by trying to do something that seems farely simple.
    I want to render out my collision geometry i have used in my rbd-solver.
    I have used an rbd configure and the set the velosity with a point-velosity node to add movement to my collsion geo. But when i go up to the obj level i cant see the collision geometry.
    Anyone know how to fix this?

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