1. Hey Manuel:

    I’m super excited for this course (also, nice work with the website re-work/re-organising/re-design)

    I have a question:
    At about 3:09 how do you know that aanoise generates within the range of -0.5-0.5? I looked at the settings; but couldn’t see how you could tell?


  2. hello , i would like to know if the videos in here are on U tube or Vimeo because before buying the videos tutorials , i need to know if i can have the english subtitles ; On Utube it is automatic but on vimeo it is not . I m a french student on Houdini and i d like to follow your tutorials who sound and look nice
    thank you to help me

    • Hi Alex,

      the premium videos are hosted on Vimeo.

      Cheers, Mo

  3. Hello there, I tried many times to find a solution for a problem I have and I can’t.

    I follow the tutorial step by step and when I add the scatter, and turn by density attribute everything works perfectly except for the fact that all the created points remain there after the rim passes it creates new points with the rim, but they don’t disappear when the rim changes place trough the mesh, in your video the rim creates the points and they disappear as the rim moves, in my scene its impossible to achieve the same result, it’s driving me nuts.

    The thing is that if I continue with the tutorial eventually (like I did allready) I will at some point have a problem with that, after I add the pop point kill everything works but this points don’t die they stay there, it is like the scatter is creating points in this positions on a loop… when there should be none.

    I don’t know if I explained it clearly enough, please if somebody can help me out..

    Thanks in Advance,

  4. Siddhartha

    Hey!! I wanna dive into particles in near future and I wanted to know, are these tutorials beginner friendly?

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