1. Hey Manuel:

    I’m super excited for this course (also, nice work with the website re-work/re-organising/re-design)

    I have a question:
    At about 3:09 how do you know that aanoise generates within the range of -0.5-0.5? I looked at the settings; but couldn’t see how you could tell?


  2. hello , i would like to know if the videos in here are on U tube or Vimeo because before buying the videos tutorials , i need to know if i can have the english subtitles ; On Utube it is automatic but on vimeo it is not . I m a french student on Houdini and i d like to follow your tutorials who sound and look nice
    thank you to help me

    • Hi Alex,

      the premium videos are hosted on Vimeo.

      Cheers, Mo

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