1. Thanks for sharing this tutorial! Really learned about vector filed.

    The question is, how we could add the particle information to shader, so that in each part of the pipe, the particles remain the same color?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Great video.
    Question for you: I have curve data that is output from a simulation that includes the velocity information. On a small sample of the data, I can reproduce the results of the video with some small modifications. I can’t use the same technique on the full data as the size of the VDB needed blows the memory out of my machine (in order to capture the fine detail in the flow, the VDB voxels are really tiny). In the video you mentioned that you could do a lookup of the velocity. I’ve tried using a POP VOP with xyzdist to find the nearest velocity, but it doesn’t seem to work.

    Any ideas?

  3. Christopher

    Hi, just to let you know your courses are amazing. One question I’ve got: how would you build the pipes using the new Sweep node? I know this is probably a newbie question but I am new to all this so forgive me 😀

    • Just went through this with the new sweep sop – the curves go in the first input, the circle in the second input. You set the ‘surface type’ to quadrilaterals, and check ‘reverse cross sections’. You can also add an end cap directly in the node now – ‘single polygon’ gets you the same result as the video.

      • Thanks Mike! For anyone else following along in newer versions of Houdini (I’m on 19.5), in addition to Mike’s correct updates, make sure the circle node’s Primitive Type is set to Polygon.

  4. How would you go about just making lines like the loaded pipes.bgeo file? They are quite angular and I’m wondering if there is an easy way to go about making such things for similar effects.

  5. Amazing tutorial, really great instruction as always.
    Question. How would I go about ‘pinching’ a tube to restrict flow and at the same time slow all the particles down? I was going to use Vellum to ‘pinch’ a portion of the tube, but not sure how to take care of the volume as far as the advection goes so the particles stay inside the pinched area instead of flowing through the pipe wall.

  6. Also, what if I need particles to stay the same, as in not jitter every frame? Blood cells don’t just appear and disappear randomly.

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