1. Thanks for this one! I didn’t know about Redshift Point Clouds, definitely going to try that out. Also didn’t know you could drag/drop materials from the mat section directly in the viewport! ALSO didn’t know about the camera modes, where you can move the focus length directly. So – this was very educational!

  2. I am a long time C4D user and have had Redshift for a few years now. I have been learning how to use Houdini and Entagma has been a great help. However, I ran into a stumbling block with this video. At the Object context, none of the Geometry nodes have the Redshift tab in its properties. The Redshift ROPS are located in the Output context, I was able to create the ground texture with the COP wetmap. All seems to be working but having the Redshift tab. Any thoughts on why it would be missing?

  3. I found the answer. I was not aware there is an ObjParms button in the Redshift shelf. I just highlighted the particles geo node and chose the OBJ+ button in the shelf and the redshift OBJ tab appears in the nodes properties.

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