1. so.. it’s 2021 and what we all want is just to crunch out GIFs, right?
    Well, I’m failing at it. I’m checked the suggestions below from CGwiki without any luck, have you tried it and/or would you have any hints?

    A – Gif directly from Ffmpeg (the palette generation step seems quite useful, not sure how that would work in TOPs)

    B – other interesting option, Gif from Imagemagick

    I’m esp confused when it comes to translate the original file input/output commands to the PDG ones.

    • Hey Giorgio! As I’ve expressed lots of times now, I’m not a huge fan of the way tops wants you to build commands for these types of programs, but there are ways. I’ve found Image Magick to be more straight forward for gifs, so this is what I’m describing:

      Start out with a “Wait for all” followed by Image Magick as usual.
      Make sure IM’s output file path ends with “.gif”
      Set the operation parm to “Convert”
      Add two extra arguments and set their argument source to “Custom Value”
      On the first one add an argument name of “loop” with an argument value of 0
      repeat this on the second one with “delay” and “2”

      You can of course experiment by adding other arguments or changing values. Problematic are arguments with a “+” instead of a “-” in front (tops will always add a “-” itself) or arguments that don’t need any values. The only way to fix this is to haphazardly combine multiple arguments into one. You can always check the workitem info to see the full command that IM gets, which is great for debugging.

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