Procedural Modeling Of Water Droplets

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If you want to make your product appear nice and fresh in your TV commercial, chances are that you’ll put water droplets on it. This effect is very popular in advertising. In todays installment of the Entagma tutorial stream, Manuel shows you how to procedurally build such an effect in Houdini.

While putting spheres on a surface is straightforward, this tutorial will teach you how to enhance the realism and quality of the effect by altering the water particles shape to make them more drop like. To achieve this the cross product is used, and explained in a tight theory part.

The scene file that you can download below contains the setup from the tutorial, some additional detailing and the Redshift3D render setup.

Download Project File

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  1. This is beautiful , thank you guys , love the direction you are taking!

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  3. Hello !
    Just a question. how to animate all this? I would like to animate them drops.

  4. Hi I loved following along with this, I was wondering if you guys would ever want to maybe breakdown some of the concepts shown in this droplet solver. It seems to be going a non vdb route and using particle fluid surface.

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