1. Nice tutorial. I use he default navigation shortcut but was hard to get it in my head and hands 😉 You motive me to change them now 😉

  2. Simon Telezhkin

    By the way, it’s better to assign this keys as “Tweak” or “Drag”, not “Press”. Navigation keys are only in use with mouse movement, so nothing would be lost, and you’ll save the original keys(I think you’d need to change those from “Press” to “Click” though). For example “alt+left mouse click” is pretty useful for selecting loops, and there is no need to move mouse after click for loop selection. This way you can do both at the same time.

    • AditiaVFX

      Some known limitation,
      – Fixing issue addressed by Simon
      – Remove keymap after disable the addon (this is probably need help)

    • AditiaVFX

      I’ll probably would like to improve this using App Templates instead of addons, I’ll keep you updated.

      Cheers 🙂

  3. Hello thank you ) Any idea how to fix loop selection? because its use alt for this in blender keymap? Thank you.

  4. Cihan Kenar

    Thank you, I have been using Blender for years and now learning Houdini. This makes great sense to have the standard navigation across both programs be the same. Will you do any more Blender tutorials? Perhaps for Animation Nodes?

  5. More about Houdini, i don’t why they stay with Alt OR Space for the navigation ? back in the days it was Space, and people ask for “standardisation” so they add Alt also. But now Space can be use as a new shortcut, don’t you think?

  6. Gary Vader


    press alt + shift, that’s how you can make loop selection

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