TD Essentials: Create a Swept Phyllotaxis Operator in Houdini

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Plant growth has a strong connection to mathematics. Especially the special phyllotactic distribution pattern shows up a lot in nature. Be it the head of a sunflower, a pinecone or a pineapple. The dense packing of seeds and other organs on the surface of these is due to the golden angle phi. In this tutorial Manuel shows you how to implement a phyllotaxis operator with VEX in Houdini. But instead of just implementing the flat disc model we try something a little more sophisticated and build a phyllotactic pattern on a surface of revolution.

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  1. You seems to be a lot in computational Botanics….

    Do you know already ??
    It look like it is a sophisticated grammar for plant stuff.
    Could be too much leaning towards “Botano-Genetik” (oder so), but the Gallery has some nice looking plants, that are apparently possible with this grammar system.


  2. I went through this twice – no errors in code. Just get a single sphere showing – at the organsize. Could it have anything to do with being on Houdini Apprentice?

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