1. Hey there Entagma team! I tried building a setup similar to your example video, however, I keep getting mushy results. I resorted to referencing the provided hip file and got a very similar mushy result. Is this because of computational differences calculating VDBs in Houdini 18?

  2. Hi Mo,
    Thank for the snappy response. Yes, I kept getting strange results. Although, after restarting my computer and opening up another Houdini window everything worked perfectly. Very very strange…

  3. Benjamin

    Is there a way to render that solid volume in Redshift? I think I can figure out how to do it in C4D, but not in Houdini.

  4. Thanks Mo, really enjoyed this one, lots of ideas brewing!

    Maybe this is to long to answer and off topic… but how would you go about adding UV’s to this sort of set up?

    I researched and found you can add a uv surface attribute in the “vdb from polygons” node. Then advect the new uv vdb same as our surface.

    This works but you get stretching, is there a way to create a dual rest blend like in the pyro and flip solver to blend between the two states? I can’t find anything about how the rest2 is actually calculated besides in those solvers.

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