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Free Tutorials

Whoopee! The inevitable just happened. We’re on Patreon now. If you wanna show us your appreciation, we’ve got some special things prepared for you. On our patreon page we offer several options of in-depth content:

Hi-Res Renders
For those who longed for that high reasolution 4k-Wallpaper/Poster/Coaster/Whateveryouwannaputthison showing of the latest artwork we create for our biweekly tutorials.

Render Setups
Have you asked yourselv “how did they render this”? These are the exact setups we use to render our bi-weekly artwork, showing you how to set up Mantra or Redshift to crank out that beautiful images.

In-Depth Courses
A bi-weekly tutorial is not enough for you? You wanna learn the theory as well as the production uses of Houdini tools like Volumes, VEX, Shaders or OpenCL? Say no more – our premium courses are designed to give you in-depth training to master this beast called Houdini.

Our First Premium Course: Volumes 101

Head over to Patreon and support us to gain exclusive access to the course and much more.

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, please hit us up in the comments.

Thank you!

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