Blender Geometry Nodes: Vertex Normals – Alien Orb

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The development of Geometry Nodes inside of Blender does not slow down. Recently they added support for vertex normals on input meshes. Manu guides you through the stages required to build this space orb effect that relies on vertex normals. You’ll learn some procedural animation along the way, too.

Download Project Files Part 1

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  1. Thanassis

    Hey Manu! How are you?
    Really nice tutorials on Blender and UE. Impressive stuff as usual.
    I have a question. Would you be comfortable if I replicated your Alien Orb in C4D MoGraph for my Youtube channel? Of course I will give full credit and link to your website!
    Let me know

  2. Hey Thanassis, has been a while. Please do. Looking forward to it. We already had quite some requests for a C4D version over on YouTube.

    • Thanassis

      Perfect. Thank you again for your amazing insight into so many new and exciting technologies!

  3. Hey,

    Thanks alot for this geometry node tutorial. It helped me alot in my first steps in this new domain of Blender.
    What is your trick for the smoother result in the animation?
    When I follow along in the tutorial the steps in the displacement are still a bit low res…

    Kind regards,

    Erik Crins

  4. p.s. In the video you have ‘vertex normal’ in the Attribute Vector math node.
    I could only find ‘normal’ as the closest option.. Is it just a name update, or really two differend attributes?

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