Building a Latent Space in Houdini: Part 1 – Theory

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This week we want to give you a lot more insight into what a latent space actually is and how it gets created. In this case not by using Stable Diffusion, but by building and training our own neural net inside Houdini, who’s only job is to create a very simple latent space for us to explore.

In this video we’ll go over the main concepts and the theory of our latent space. And on thursday in the Advanced Setups Course on Patreon, we’ll build the entire setup using Houdini and Pytorch.

You can find all visualisations from this video to explore by yourself in the scenefile. Make sure you have access to Pytorch and Numpy in your Houdini Python environment, for example by installing the MLOPs Addon.

Parts of this setup are inspired by this article by Eugenia Anello

Download Project File

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