Geometry Nodes 3.0 – Cube Grid with Fields

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The Geometry Nodes Team decided to redo the architecture of Geometry Nodes for the Blender 3.0 release. Fortunately we can have a look at the new way of working immediately by using the 3.0 Alpha. This tutorial creates a similar effect as my older Cube Grid tutorial but this time using the brand new fields workflow. Follow me explaining the inner workings of fields and see for yourself how easy it is now to work with Geometry Nodes.

Download Project Files

Download the “Bake to Vertex Color” Addon for Blender 2.93.5

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  1. Hi Manuel and the whole Entagma Team,
    first thank you for your great blender tutorials, I learned a lot from it.
    But I have one question. Let’s imagine I would like to use another ratio of a picture, let’s say I have an rectangular one with the ratio of 3068×4000. Is there a way in blender to use the ratio from the image for the grid, procedural?
    Thanks and keep on going

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