1. I was playing with this one and had a question. This tutorial is out of order so you may address this later anyway.

    In this example, you modified the constraint geometry stream to reflect the group formed by the number. Inside the vellum solver, you apply this information inside the solver.

    I wondered why you didn’t use the same grouping activity on the primary geometry stream and then reference that group in a new VellumConstraints node that applied to that group? I tried this but it doesn’t work. It looks like the Vellum node snaps the geometryconstraints from the first inputs not any subsequent updates.

  2. to answer my own question, later tutorials make it clear that you need to do this kind of animation from within solver rather than outside.

  3. With Houdini 19.5 and the tutorial as coded, the silhouettes accumulate instead of replacing one another … I believe the VEX you want is:

    if(inprimgroup(1, “pinstretch”, @id))
    f@stiffness = 0;

    if(inprimgroup(1, “fix”, @id))
    f@stiffness = 1000000;

    • Scratch that … I must’ve had a typo in the original code.

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