1. psykojello

    I think you forgot to mention – mantra is not the fastest renderer.

    great tutorial! the DOF tip blew my mind!

  2. Could we see this with Renderman23? For new people, on a budget, tools like Redshift are out of our reach, but Renderman does at least have a non-commercial version and I have read that it is faster than Mantra.

    • The link is so 2019… 😉
      My problem is that I can’t get the background not reflected the pointlight with 17.5 and 18. It’s still reflecting the light from the pointlight. And I do exactly the same, uncheck the base reflactions in the classic shader linked to the grid.
      Very strange.

      • I’ve downloaded the file and this one renders perfectly fine, so I’ve to check what I’ve really missed. :\

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